Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The difference between Christian and non-Christian

How to differentiate a person as a Christian or non-Christian? You should ask a single question. What you be after you die? Some will answer, "“Heaven"”. Some say, "“Don't know."” Some say, "“Doesn't matter."” Some say, "“No such thing. Life will cease after death."” Some say, "“Hell is not bad." Some answered, "This doesn't bother me at all."”

I found this is the foundation of the purpose of life. If you do not know what you be after you die, you will neither know what are you actually doing with your life. But anyhow, you life just molded by your environment. If you doesn't bother this at all, you will not bother what you does with your life too. If you think life will cease after death, you will live your life on your own "“wonderful"” way. If you think hell is not too bad, after all there are lot of friends going together, then that is really too bad.

What if you say, "“Jesus is going to bring me to heaven."”? Then you will be bombarded with some amount of questions like "“Are you sure heaven is good? Are you sure Jesus can bring you to heaven? Are you sure there is a heaven? Are you sure about this idea? What if this is false? What if I want to kill you right now if you continue to declare this idea?"

Haha, since all of us not sure about what will happen after death, why not belief this Jesus, after all we all going to die soon after. For me, the contract is I belief Jesus can bring me to heaven, then he will bring me to heaven. This is valid without any terms and conditions. Though there are extra bonus come after certain terms and conditions. You will be under constant exposure to gain these extra bonus after you sign the basic contract. Which is good I think.

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